Keep Calm… And Get Your Healthy Lifestyle On!


Get Your Healthy Lifestyle On

While doing my morning reading, I came across a Washington Post article titled “Healthy lifestyle may increase life expectancy, research suggests.” If you know me or are one of my patients, you know I have been an advocate for a healthy lifestyle for the duration of my career (and even longer), so while I know the many benefits, it was nice to see it validated by a BMJ study that showed a healthy lifestyle may allow older people to add to their life expectancy– three years for women and six for men – to their life expectancy. Adding extra years to your life sounds great if you feel good and can enjoy the extra time.  I vividly remember being in residency training and knowing there had to be more to medicine than what I was taught because I simply didn’t believe in the “sick” model that informs American medicine. That way of thinking stems from my family who always emphasized that if you live a healthy lifestyle, good health follows! I am so thankful my family instilled this in me because it has impacted my career as medical professional.

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