nUVo™ Traveler is the ultimate, virus-targeted personal space disinfection device for cars, homes, and offices – protecting you wherever you go. Completely portable, it fits in your car cupholder and your backpack, and runs on 4-hour rechargeable batteries.

nUVo™ Traveler is the world’s first personal UVC air disinfector designed to protect you from airborne pathogens such as molds, bacteria, and viruses including influenza, SARS-CoV-2, and its variants with 99.9%+ effectiveness. nUVo™ Traveler performs 8 air changes per hour (8 ACH) for cars and 4 air changes per hour (4 ACH) for spaces up to 100 sq. ft.

Designed to deliver constant UVC air disinfection with 99.9%+ effectiveness, creating a personal & portable comfort zone for you and those around you. nUVo™ uses advanced UV Technology that provides you peace of mind by actively intercepting airborne pathogens. nUVo™ Traveler and Tower are the ultimate personal and portable UVC air disinfectors for your home, car, and workspaces, adding constant protection wherever you go.

How does nUVo™ Tower Virus-Targeted UVC Air Disinfection work?
Our technology focuses on active and constant air disinfection.
Learn more from our expert third-party Microbiological Performance Test Report .

Important: This nUVo™ Tower and Traveler devices are not intended to be used as a medical device and is not registered as a medical device under any applicable laws. Ultraviolet radiation is emitted from this lamp. Avoid exposure of the eyes and skin to any unshielded source of light. Before using nUVo™ products, read all the instructions and cautions in the operating manual.

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